Costa Rica Maria – Filter 250g

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Altitude : 1,650MASL
Variety: Red Catuai
Location : Santa Maria de
Dota – Santos

Preparation : Anerobic
Cup Profile: Cacao Nibs,
Mango, Strawberry

Discover the unique and distinctive flavors of Maria coffee from Costa Rica in which cherries are fermented in water-sealed containers to create anaerobic conditions. Cherry fermentation for 108 hours. After fermentation, the cherries are laid out on raised beds to dry. It takes about 20 days

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    Costa Rica Maria Coffee: A Masterpiece of Filtered Coffee

    Costa Rica Maria Filtered Coffee is a masterpiece that combines the finest coffee beans with meticulous preparation. It is an irresistible experience for coffee connoisseurs and those seeking to savor every flavor and aroma that beats within each bean.

    This coffee is distinguished by the rare “Red Catuai” variety, grown in high-altitude terrain that enhances the maturation of the coffee beans and their complex flavor composition.

    Using the drip process, the flavors of Costa Rica Maria Coffee are unleashed with distinction. Open the package and you will be enveloped by the scent of fresh strawberries, blended with hints of delicious cocoa beans. You will then discover hints of coolness and sweetness reminiscent of tropical mango flavors.

    Each cup of this coffee tells a story of love between the land and the crop, and between the farmers and the lovers. A unique experience that combines uniqueness and heritage, taking you on an amazing journey. Enjoy tasting Costa Rica Maria, the distinctive filtered coffee, and let your senses wander in a world rich in flavors.

    The Story

    Ivan Gerardo Rivera has been a coffee specialist for over 20 years, including coffee farming, processing, and quality control. In 2018, he started the Café Solis & Cordero project with his family and established their own dry mill. Solis & Cordero Micro mill was founded in 2018 by the Solís Cordero family to support smallholders in the Santos region.

    The mill offers a variety of services including cherry processing and specialty coffee sales to the world, roasted coffee sales points in Costa Rica, processing, quality, and monitoring and export services for smallholders working with Solis & Cordero. The mill helps them differentiate their coffee by maintaining traceability at the farm level and using an innovative approach that focuses on quality and processing methods to further improve coffee.

    Coffee cherries are cleaned and washed in clean water. The cherries are then fermented in water in sealed containers to create anaerobic conditions. The cherries are fermented for 108 hours. After fermentation, the cherries are placed on raised beds to dry, which can take up to 20 days.

    Product Information:

    • Altitude: 1650 feet.
    • Variety: Red Catuai.
    • Location: Santa Maria de Dota – Santos.
    • Preparation: Natural Anaerobic.
    • Hints: Strawberry, Cocoa Beans, Mango.
    • Sold in the form of filtered coffee bags and delivery is available to all Gulf countries.

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