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Who Are We

We started with our passion and love for coffee since 2018.
We continued to expand and spread in Kuwait and the Gulf to provide high quality coffee using air roasting using the latest and highest quality “Loring” roasters, targeting lovers of specialized coffee, so that our coffee would become for them like breathable air.

مطحنة قهوة تركية

Because We Care

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Because we care, as we used to, with our slogan (people’s coffee)…
Our intention is to always take your opinion, and share with you.
And you visit our store and we talk with you, and we take your news.
And because coffee can be available anywhere, but the good society that brought us together with you, is a difficult thing to be repeated and we always benefit from you and learn more and repeat because we care..

كاسة القهوة
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The field of coffee is a field of lifestyle that accompanies the person in his life,
and therefore the market is growing and in continuous modernity,
we keep pace with it with the latest means and technologies
to provide the best experiences and relationships

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The favorite roaster of every Gulf citizen interested in coffee​


To be the best in the Gulf in quality and service to provide roasted coffee


Quality - Accuracy - Professionalism - Excellence

Our Products

Our philosophy in products is always in continuous development in terms of
quality and stability and the search for new products and everything that would improve
the specialty coffee and help the user to produce a distinctive cup and one of our most important products

Authorized distributor with maintenance center Italian Lilit machines

Training individuals and companies on the methods of preparing specialized coffee, whether drip coffee or espresso coffee and related drinks

Types of roasted specialty coffee from countries (Brazil - Ethiopia - Uganda - etc.) to prepare drip coffee, espresso drink and its derivatives

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How Do We Work?

We work by buying green coffee and roasting it through our special roasters
and then reselling it to individuals and companies.
We also have distribution for international brands such as Italian Lilit

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Air Roastery is located in the State of
Kuwait, Shuwaikh Industrial Area,
and has a platform for selling individuals
and wholesale through the store or website

Our passion continues to spread and flourish to become
the coffee of people in every home

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