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    xBloom Paper Filter 100pcs 3.50 د.ك

    xBloom Coffee Filters 100 Count: Enjoy an Exceptional Coffee Experience

    • Pure Coffee Taste: Paper filters ensure a pure taste free of unwanted odors.
    • Ease of Use: The filter is easily placed in the coffee maker.
    • Smooth Coffee Flow: The filters allow for a smooth flow of coffee to ensure optimal flavor extraction.
    • Healthy: Paper filters prevent any coffee sediment from leaking into your cup.
    • Suitable for All Types of Coffee: The filters can be used with all types of coffee.

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    Bruer Filter Papers 350pcs 3.00 د.ك

    Bruer V60 coffee filters are the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy the best possible cup of coffee. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

    • Removes impurities and oils: The filter removes impurities and oils from the coffee, resulting in a clean, flavorful cup of coffee.
    • Simple and easy to use: The filters have a simple and straightforward design, making them easy to use.
    • Compatible with all V60 01 drippers: The filters fit all V60 01 drippers, so you can be sure that they will work with your existing equipment.
    • 350 filters in a pack: Each pack contains 350 filters, so you’ll be able to enjoy delicious coffee for months!
    • Unbleached white filter paper: The filters are made from unbleached white filter paper, which preserves the natural flavor of your coffee.

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    Chemex 3 Cups Paper Filter Half-Moon 100 pcs 4.75 د.ك

    Chemex 3 Cup Filters – Pure and Unique Coffee!

    • The filter removes sediments and impurities for a rich and clean cup of coffee.
    • The ideal filter thickness ensures balanced coffee flavor extraction.
    • The filter can be easily folded and placed in the Chemex carafe.
    • 100% biodegradable.
    • Genuine product from the USA.

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    Chemex 6 Cups Bonded Square Filters 100 pcs 4.75 د.ك

    High-quality paper filters specially designed for use with the Chemex coffee maker.

    • Ensures pure extraction for a cleaner, more flavorful cup of coffee, free of bitterness and excess oils.
    • Easy to use and environmentally friendly.
    • Comes in a pack of 100.

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    Filtropa White Size 4 Filter Paper – 100 pc 2.00 د.ك
    • Removes sediment for a clean, pure taste.
    • Preserves the natural flavor of your coffee.
    • Easy to use and dispose of.
    • Compatible with most coffee makers that use size 4 filters.
    • Made from high-quality, food-safe materials.

    Filtropa White Size 4 Paper Filters are the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a clean, flavorful cup of coffee every time.

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    Wave Filter 155 WHITE (100P) Kalita Wave Filter 4.00 د.ك

    Kalita White Coffee Filter 155

    • Produces a specialty coffee drink with a balanced flavor.
    • Features a flat base for even water distribution over the coffee.
    • Side corrugations prevent coffee from sticking to the filter.
    • Made from high-quality paper that prevents paper flavor transfer to the coffee.
    • Suitable for brewing specialty coffee for 1-2 cups.
    • Compatible with Kalita Wave size 155.
    • Easy to use and clean.

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    Cafec Abaca Paper Filter Cup 1 2.00 د.ك
    • 100 pieces per box.
    • Conical design fits V60 02 conical coffee dripper.
    • Produces smooth, sediment-free coffee.
    • Made from organic and eco-friendly abaca paper.
    • FSC-certified for sustainable forestry.

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    Hario – Paper Filters Size 02, Pack of 40 for V60 1.50 د.ك

    hario v60 filters

    • Brand: Hario 
    • Material: Paper 
    • Manufacturer: Japan
    • Quantity: 40 filters 
    • Size: Filter size 02, 1-4 cups

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