• Lelit Coffee Leveler 58.55 mm 18.50 د.ك
    • Special price and high quality Italian industry.
    • Designed to dispense coffee efficiently and easily.
    • Black aluminum handle.
    • Large capacity for making large quantities of coffee.
    • Size 58 is suitable for most professional espresso machines.
    • Parts are detachable and easy to clean.
    • Durable and high quality design.
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  • Lelit Knock Box With Cloth And Brush 22.00 د.ك

    coffee knock box

    • Stylish and compact design.
    • Constructed from durable brushed stainless steel.
    • Anti-slip base protects the worktop from scratches.
    • Rubber-covered knocking rod absorbs impacts effectively.
    • Maximum capacity of 10 coffee grounds weighing 14 grams each.
    • Comes with a microfiber cloth and wooden brush for cleaning.
    • Lid can be opened and closed tightly to prevent odors from escaping.
    • Maintains cleanliness in the environment and surrounding area.
    • Easy to use and clean.
    • Can be conveniently placed next to a coffee machine or in the kitchen or office.
    • Contributes to organizing and cleaning the space.
    • Adds a touch of elegance and order to the coffee setup.
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  • Lelit Tamper red 12.00 د.ك

    Lelit Tamper red

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