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    xBloom Paper Filter 100pcs 3.50 د.ك

    xBloom Coffee Filters 100 Count: Enjoy an Exceptional Coffee Experience

    • Pure Coffee Taste: Paper filters ensure a pure taste free of unwanted odors.
    • Ease of Use: The filter is easily placed in the coffee maker.
    • Smooth Coffee Flow: The filters allow for a smooth flow of coffee to ensure optimal flavor extraction.
    • Healthy: Paper filters prevent any coffee sediment from leaking into your cup.
    • Suitable for All Types of Coffee: The filters can be used with all types of coffee.

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    xBloom Original Coffee Machine Galaxy Black 299.00 د.ك

    Enjoy a unique and excellent coffee experience with the professional xBloom machine in black:

    • Unique and excellent coffee: An unparalleled experience awaits you.
    • Professional coffee at home: Enjoy the wonderful taste without going to the café.
    • Precise control over the coffee taste: You can adjust it to suit your personal taste.
    • Stylish and practical design: Adds beauty and elegance to your kitchen.
    • Easy to use: To prepare your coffee with ease and speed.
    • Committed to sustainability: By using reusable xPods.
    • Support from the best coffee roasters: To ensure the provision of the finest types of coffee for you.

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  • Brand: 
    xBloom Coffee Machine Cloud Silver 299.00 د.ك

    xBloom Professional Coffee Machine Silver

    • An unparalleled and unique coffee experience: unmatched.
    • Professional coffee in your home: without the need for a café.
    • Precise control over your coffee: to suit your personal taste.
    • Elegant and practical design: adds a beautiful touch to your kitchen.
    • Ease of use: for quick and easy coffee.
    • Sustainability: using reusable xPods.
    • Support from the best coffee roasters: to ensure you get the best types of coffee.

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