Acaia Lunar 2021 Edition White

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Lunar 2021 Edition – White

  • Precision brewing with fast and accurate measurements.
  • Compact and waterproof design for durability.
  • Built-in timer and auto modes for convenience.
  • Customizable parameters for personalized brewing.
  • Real-time extraction monitoring with Flow-Rate Indicator.
  • Bluetooth connectivity and app integration for advanced features.
  • Includes essential accessories and a 2-year warranty.
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    Product Description:

    The Acaia Lunar 2021 Edition White scale is a compact, waterproof, and technologically advanced tool designed specifically for espresso brewing. With a premium aluminum body, matte black finish, and white digital display, this scale offers clear and instant data visualization.

    Key Features:

    1. Precision Brewing: The Acaia Lunar scale ensures consistent precision for espresso brewing. It utilizes leading industrial weighing technology and offers fast, responsive, and accurate measurements, allowing you to achieve precise extraction results.
    2. Compact and Waterproof: Designed to fit seamlessly on the drip tray of any espresso machine, the Lunar scale is compact and water-resistant. Its premium aluminum body is built to withstand commercial environments and ensures long-lasting durability.
    3. Built-in Timer and Auto Modes: The scale features a built-in timer, auto-timing, and auto-tare modes, providing convenience and ease of use regardless of the espresso machine you’re using. These features streamline your brewing process and contribute to consistent results.
    4. Customizable Parameters: Brew your espresso according to your preferences with customizable parameters. The Lunar scale allows you to choose from automated brewing modes and offers a Tare Save feature, which saves the weight of your preferred dosing container for enhanced efficiency.
    5. Real-Time Extraction Monitoring: The new Flow-Rate Indicator offers visual feedback to help you monitor your extraction in real time. This feature enables more consistent shots and precise adjustments for achieving perfect espresso extractions.
    6. Bluetooth Connectivity and App Integration: Connect the scale to Acaia’s app via Bluetooth to access advanced settings, adjust parameters, and collect data. This connectivity enhances the functionality of the scale and provides additional brewing control.
    7. Accessories and Warranty: The Lunar scale includes a heat-resistant pad, non-slip protective strips, a USB Type-C charger cable, and a 100g calibration weight. Optional accessories such as the Lunar Weighing Plate, Lunar Base, and Lunar Carrying Case are available separately. Acaia provides a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, covering water damage.

    Elevate your espresso brewing with the Acaia Lunar 2021 Edition White scale. With its precise measurements, compact design, waterproof construction, and customizable brewing parameters, it is the perfect tool for achieving consistent and exceptional espresso extractions.

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