Golden Dragon Gaba Oolong Tea 50 grams

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Golden Dragon – GABA Oolong

  • Pure tea leaves with professional craftsmanship quality. 
  • Contains enhanced organic components.
  • Undergoes non-oxidative fermentation on a 1000-meter-high bed. 
  • Characterized by a golden color and a sweet, smoky fruity flavor. 
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    Golden Dragon- GABA Oolong 2022

    Oolong tea represents only 2-3% of global tea production, as it is one of the most complex and labor-intensive types of tea to manufacture. The process of enhancing the organic components.

    especially Gaba acid found in the tea leaves, involves a non-oxidative fermentation stage followed by subsequent tea manufacturing processes. This tea is known for its low to medium roasting, giving it a captivating and distinct golden color and delightful honey-like flavors. 

    Product Details:

    • Tea Name: Golden Dragon
    • Type: Chin Xin
    • Origin: Taiwan
    • Season: Spring
    • Variety: Fushou
    • Origin: Alishan, Chayi, Taiwan
    • Plucking: Bud and three/four rolled ball leaves Oolong
    • Altitude: 1000 meters above sea level (ASL)

    Product Features:

    • Helps with relaxation, supports immune system, and muscle recovery.
    • Golden-colored tea with a unique aroma and sweet, smoky flavors.
    • Unique tea with a high content of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA).

    From air roastery

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