WExSUJI is a brand that brings together “William Edison” and “WExSUJI” for luxury handicrafts. Wei stands out for its attractive and easy-to-use designs, while Sooji stands out for the quality of its products that are made by professional experts. The brand works to provide products that meet the needs of coffee lovers and complement their experience.

  • Thermometer Digital Center 300
    • High accuracy in measuring temperatures.
    • Ease of use and reading via the illuminated digital screen.
    • It provides one channel for temperature measurement, which makes it suitable for use with the Wee x Suji Mini Coffee Roaster.
    • Possibility to connect it to a laptop or PC to record and monitor data.
    • Sturdy and practical design ensures long-term use.
    • You can get accurate temperature readings and fine-tune it to achieve the perfect coffee roasting experience.
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    WExSUJI Mini Roaster Cover
    WExSUJI Mini Roaster Cover
    • Available in nine different colors to choose from: (red, white, yellow, brown, black, green, gray, light blue, dark blue).
    • Stylish design and high quality.
    • Made of premium quality materials for durability and sustainability.
    • Customize your mini toaster to your personal taste and kitchen décor.
    • Adds a touch of vitality and beauty to your toaster and kitchen.
    • It attracts everyone’s attention with its bright and bright colors.
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  • WExSUJI Mini Roaster 100 420.00 د.ك
    • Compact and lightweight portable toaster.
    • Flexibility to operate with gas.
    • Easy to control with flame and airflow controls and a digital display.
    • Sturdy and durable construction made of stainless steel.
    • High-level performance with a glass window to observe the color change of coffee beans and a fast cooling fan.
    • Low power consumption of only 35W.
    • Compact, compact and easy to use.
    • High capacity and multi-level control.
    • Safe design with thermo handle.
    • Versatility and ease of cleaning.
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