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    Chemex 6 Cups Pour-Over Glass 19.00 د.ك
    1. Pure coffee without sediment
    2. Easy to use and clean
    3. Elegant and unique design
    4. Durable and strong
    5. Made from safe materials
    6. Supports local coffee industry
    7. Perfect gift for coffee lovers

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  • Brand: 
    Chemex 3 Cups Pour-Over Glass 15.50 د.ك

    Rich and Pure Flavored Coffee:

    • Innovative filtration technology removes sediment and enhances flavors.

    Easy to Use:

    • Simple steps to make perfect coffee in minutes.

    Easy to Clean:

    • Quick hand wash or dishwasher safe.


    • Heat and shock resistant borosilicate glass.


    • Does not react with coffee or affect its taste.

    Elegant Design:

    • A work of art that adds a touch of beauty to your kitchen.

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  • Brand: 
    Chemex 3 Cups Paper Filter Half-Moon 100 pcs 4.75 د.ك

    Chemex 3 Cup Filters – Pure and Unique Coffee!

    • The filter removes sediments and impurities for a rich and clean cup of coffee.
    • The ideal filter thickness ensures balanced coffee flavor extraction.
    • The filter can be easily folded and placed in the Chemex carafe.
    • 100% biodegradable.
    • Genuine product from the USA.

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  • Brand: 
    Chemex 6 Cups Bonded Square Filters 100 pcs 4.75 د.ك

    High-quality paper filters specially designed for use with the Chemex coffee maker.

    • Ensures pure extraction for a cleaner, more flavorful cup of coffee, free of bitterness and excess oils.
    • Easy to use and environmentally friendly.
    • Comes in a pack of 100.

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