• Golden Dragon Gaba Oolong Tea 50 grams 7.00 د.ك

    Golden Dragon – GABA Oolong

    • Pure tea leaves with professional craftsmanship quality. 
    • Contains enhanced organic components.
    • Undergoes non-oxidative fermentation on a 1000-meter-high bed. 
    • Characterized by a golden color and a sweet, smoky fruity flavor. 
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  • Chinese Red Golden Bud Tea 8.75 د.ك

    Gold Chinese Red Tea buds only

    • This tea is handmade from the Chinese province of Qing Cha Zhu. 
    • It features high-quality pure golden buds. 
    • It has a rich taste with sweet notes and hints of cocoa. 
    • When the tea cools down, the flavor becomes more balanced without any bitterness. 
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  • Chinese Fermented Yuzu Puer Tea 8.25 د.ك
    • Natural loose-leaf Puer tea is grown in Menghai County, Yunnan Province. 
    • It is characterized by a smooth and delicious taste, with a strong woody nut aroma and a warm flavor. 
    • These tea trees grow in high-altitude areas, covered by large ancient tree forests.

    Upon opening, the enticing scent of citrus reaches your nose, providing a refreshing experience, so it is recommended to soak the entire citrus in the tea. The leaf texture is infused through the peel, giving you a smooth and pleasant taste with a subtle sweetness and unique fruity flavor.

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